Ditch Losing Campaigns

Ahead of Q4 Crunch Time

About this webinar

In today’s marketplace, having a social media presence is a given. You HAVE to participate, but what are you really getting for your investment?

If you’re like us, you’ve looked at your social media spend and wondered if your hard-won budget is going toward activities that are getting the best results. Is this latest and greatest campaign the best thing to ever happen to social media? Or a total dud? No way to know.

And if you’re frustrated we get it. Now, more than ever, there is no room in your lineup for underperforming campaigns. If you are getting pressure from the top to close the year strong - with the most bang for your marketing buck - then this live session is for you.

Join us to find out what you can do to now to roar into Q4 with a roster of social media campaigns that are proven to drive results. When we’re done, you will be on your way to getting the outcomes - and recognition - you and your team deserve.

What you'll learn

  • UTM basics: what they are, why you need them
  • Choosing the right marketing activities to track
  • The value of making strategic, real-time decisions for social media
  • Campaign performance data: what should you share and when?

Your Panelists

Luria Petrucci
Live Streaming Pros
Over 16 years, Luria has created thousands of videos, accumulated millions of followers, and currently owns and operates Live Streaming Pros. She's appeared on CNN, NBC, FOX, NBC, MSNBC, ABC & BBC; has worked on LIVE Video for top brands like AT&T, Samsung, GoDaddy, and Panasonic. Her company has built video studios for top influencers like Amy Porterfield, Pat Flynn, Ryan Levesque, Donald Miller & Michael Hyatt.
Luria’s driving force is to help you better understand the tech and strategy behind the content you create while embracing your AWESOME hidden power by being “YOUniquely You”!
Brie E Anderson
BEAST Analytics
Brie E Anderson is an Analytical Nerd with a Soft Spot for Strategy. She's spent the last 10 years helping businesses of all sizes execute data-driven strategies to increase ROI. Today Brie runs BEAST Analytics, a digital marketing analytics consultancy, and contributes to leading industry publications such as Moz and Search Engine Journal.