How to Streamline the Account Management Process Using Agorapulse

About this webinar

Juggling multiple client accounts can be tough, especially when you're trying to keep up with the latest trends in social media.

It's hard to stay on top of all the changes in social media and still provide great service to your clients. You may feel like you're always playing catch-up.

Join Jessika Phillips, founder of the award-winning agency, NOW Marketing Group, as she explores how you can finally grow your agency once you have streamlined processes in place.

If you’re looking for an efficient masterclass on how to grow and scale your agency you won’t want to miss this webinar.

What you'll learn

  1. How to maintain client relationships & streamlined social media account management
  2. The importance of having a discovery process & properly laying out responsibilities
  3. How to conduct kickoff meetings that provide truly beneficial client information

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Your Presenter & Host

Jessika Phillips
NOW Marketing Group
Jessika is a social media strategist known for her outspoken dedication to relationship marketing. Jessika’s personal mission is to inspire people to love more, give more and be more through using authentic relationships everyday. She founded NOW Marketing Group in 2010 with only a laptop and a vision. The company is now a Forbes recognized Agency Partner and a certified inbound partner with Hubspot. NOW Marketing Group works with more than 100 clients across United States and beyond, choosing to serve – not sell. Jessika teaches comprehensive relationship marketing, presents in a weekly videocast “Magnet Marketers” and hosts one of the largest social media midwest conferences, Social Media Week Lima. Named as one of the top global rising stars in social media to watch, Jessika is one who leads genuinely, passionately and by example in all she does. From humble beginnings to growing a million dollar agency and international speaking career, she’s not only someone you want to watch but someone you want to learn from and build a relationship with because she leads from the heart.
Mike Allton
Head of Strategic Partnerships
Mike is an award-winning blogger, speaker, and author at The Social Media Hat, and Head of Strategic Partnerships at Agorapulse where he strengthens relationships with social media educators, influencers and partner brands. Allton is also the co-author of The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing alongside Jenn Herman, Stephanie Liu, Amanda Robinson and Eric Butow, available wherever books are sold.